August 16, 2020

Victory Lane Telethon Demonstrates the Impact of Victory Lane Donors

When camp sessions and a charity event don’t go according to plan, what do the donors of Victory Lane do? They gather for a virtual telethon! […]
July 3, 2020

The Four Horsemen Find Friendship Through Victory Lane

The friendships built through Victory Lane aren’t always between the children. When you invest in Victory Lane, you’re also helping to build relationships between dads. For […]
June 17, 2020

Women of Victory Lane Continue Connections with Bible Study

Every spring, Victory Lane hosts a Women’s Refresh weekend made possible by you, our donors who generously invest in Victory Lane. This weekend is for all […]
May 19, 2020

Victory Lane Creates Community in Facebook Group

Even though Victory Lane’s summer camp sessions are cancelled, creating connections is still vital. You, our generous donors who invest in Victory Lane, are instrumental to […]
March 20, 2020

Help Families Form Friendships at Victory Lane

The gracious donations made to Victory Lane help many families have an experience like no other. Kelly Cox knew her family needed to attend Victory Lane, […]
February 11, 2020

Become a Victory Partner with Victory Lane

As a parent, Chrissy McComas wanted to reinforce to her children the value of being a friend to everyone. She taught them that even if they […]
January 2, 2020

Liam’s Memory Shines On

The moment Jon and Katie received news they were having a baby boy, they couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms. When doctors informed them […]
December 12, 2019

Hanson Family Finds Community Within Victory Lane

Prior to Victory Lane becoming a community that celebrates children with different abilities, it was simply a dream. A dream Christopher and Shelly Hanson never knew […]