The Power of One

norwex-power of one

Norwex provides sustainable and non-toxic cleaning tools, but when Paige Fischer joined the company in 2019, she wanted to focus her endeavor on more than healthy homes. Starting with her first sale, Paige demonstrated “the power of one,” donating a portion of her Norwex income to support Victory Lane.

This dedication and generosity caught the attention of Lana Ranahan, the team leader for “Team Dream Clean.”

“This team is full of caring, supportive women who love watching each other win,” explained Lana.

Whitney Davies, a Victory Mom and fellow Team Dream Clean member approached Lana at Norwex’s spring retreat with an idea. Whitney wanted to spearhead a team to nominate Victory Lane for a Norwex Foundation grant. Lana agreed to do whatever she could to help.

“We rallied the team and 23 amazing team members volunteered to nominate Victory Lane,” Lana shared. “We all knew about the work Victory Lane does because Paige talks about it, and we follow her on social media.”

Paige invited some of her Team Dream Clean associates to a Victory Lane summer camp session in 2022, and the team saw the magnitude of Victory Lane’s work when they visited.

“It was beautiful to see the families blend together and support each other,” expressed Lana.

Team Dream Clean attended the Norwex conference with thousands of other consultants in Orlando in mid-August. The team was holding their breath when it was time for the Norwex Foundation announcement. As Norwex presented the award to Victory Lane, Team Dream Clean erupted in cheers!

“It’s really hard to explain the feeling that happens when people rally together in support of others,” Lana noted. “We all felt like we were the winners!”

Lana shared that the Norwex Foundation has donated over $3,000,000 since the foundation began, supporting all kinds of charitable organizations over the years. The foundation asks Norwex staff and consultants to nominate charities that are close to their hearts. The donation to Victory Lane means $12,000 will go toward supporting families through Victory Lane camp sessions and events.

“They were overwhelmed by the support of one team… 23 of us nominated Victory Lane, which is so close to our friend and teammate, Paige Fischer. We just knew we had to get Victory Lane that money!” Lana exclaimed. “It’s so amazing what happens when a team pulls together.”

This large donation came about through the power of one… one person who decided to set aside a portion of her earnings to make a difference in the lives of Victory Lane families. This one act of generosity led to a team supporting their fellow team member’s passion, and this team’s support led to a national company recognizing the impact of Victory Lane. All through the power of one.

To find out how you can make this type of “ripple effect” impact, contact Natasha Hamilton, Assistant Director, at [email protected].