Growing A Heart Of Service In The Next Generation

When Chad and Sarah Cooper signed up as a Victory Lane Partner Family last year, they had one primary goal: to teach their daughters the value of serving others. The couple learned about Victory Lane through their church and a Victory Lane informational event and knew it would be a way to encourage this value in their children.

“We want to instill a sense of service in our daughters from a young age,” Sarah noted. “Additionally, we saw Victory Lane as a welcoming community where we could truly belong.”

They dove right into the Victory Lane community, attending several events throughout the year including the Chili Cook-Off and skating party. Chad especially enjoyed the Men’s Retreat.

“Being part of the Victory Lane community has shown us that reaching out to others for help and engaging in meaningful conversations is not only acceptable but also encouraged,” shared Chad. “It has brought us closer together as a family.”

Through their involvement as a Partner Family, the Coopers got to know Jamie and Lola Kosten. They attended Lola’s birthday party and made memories together at summer camp sessions. Chad and Sarah watched their goal of growing service-minded children become a reality as their daughters connected with new friends like Lola.

“As parents, we have witnessed our girls develop confidence and fearlessness in trying new things, thanks to their experiences with Victory Lane. This has been a significant change that we’ve observed in them,” Chad expressed.

While committing to serving as a Partner Family wasn’t an easy decision for the Coopers as they raise two young children, they are glad they did it. Chad and Sara have this advice for anyone who is considering this commitment: “We would say, ‘Just do it.’ You have nothing to lose. Don’t worry about doing things wrong or feeling like you can’t help enough. Simply being there to connect and talk with a Victory Family can make a profound impact. Even if you have young children, don’t let that deter you from getting involved.”

If you want to learn more about making an impact as a Partner Family, contact Natasha Hamilton at [email protected].