Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some common questions asked about Victory Lane Camp. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Please contact us to ask.

General Questions

Where is Victory Lane Camp?
Victory Lane Camp is not a place but a group of people unified with the goal of creating a healthy, supportive community around families of children with disabilities. In order to accomplish this goal Victory Lane Camps are offered at various campgrounds. Currently, our camps are held at the Cornerstone Campground in New Castle, IN, and Bradford Woods in Martinsville, IN.
Do I have to be a particular faith to participate in Victory Lane Camp?
Victory Lane Camp is open to all families. We ask that any person attending as a Backyard Mission Trip volunteer agree to and sign our Statement of Faith.
How will my money be used?
If you make a general donation, that money is used to support the infrastructure of the organization. General funds support direct ministry to families. If you make a donation specifically to the Family Scholarship Fund, your gift is helping to offset the cost of camp for families of children with special needs.
How can my church or community organization get involved?
We have partnered with many churches and organizations to further the vision and mission of Victory Lane Camp. If your church or community organization would like to learn more about a partnership, please contact us at or call us at 765-591-4191. Leave a detailed message, letting us know what organization or church you are with and how you would like to partner with us and we will respond quickly.
How can I help spread the word about Victory Lane Camp?
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts often with your friends. If you would like to do more, contact us about hosting a house party. At a house party you will invite your family and friends over for food and fellowship and we will send a Victory Lane Camp representative to share the vision and mission.

Camp-Specific Questions

Are there medical staff present during Victory Lane Camp?
Every Pace Lap camp is staffed with occupational, physical and speech therapists, along with nurses.
What kind of training do Backyard Mission Trip Families receive?
Each participant will go through 321Go Family training which includes short video sessions (each one with a kids’ moment) and concludes with hands-on training the first day of camp. In addition, each participant over the age of 18 completes a personality profile and child abuse prevention training.
What are the lodging amenities? Will we need to bring our own RV?
Victory Families - All lodging is provided. Backyard Mission Trip Families - Amenities are different for each camp. If you are interested in a Bradford Woods camp your lodging will be provided in separate boys and girls cabins. If you are interested in a Cornerstone Camp, only the campsite is provided. Each Backyard Mission Trip family is responsible for securing their own camper and or tent at a Cornerstone Camp.
Will I need to provide my own food?
All meals are provided. We do suggest that you bring snacks and water bottles as no food or water is provided between meals.
Can VLC accommodate my dietary restrictions?
There are differences in what we can accommodate at each camp. Please contact someone from the VLC staff to discuss what dietary restrictions can be accommodated at the camp you choose.
Are pets welcome?
Please make other arrangements for your pets during camp. Other than service dogs, animals are not permitted.
Can my extended family or friends visit for the day to see what camp is about?
VIP events are held at each camp. We encourage you to invite extended family and friends to these events to see the great things happening with Victory Lane Camp. Due to security reasons we ask that visits be limited to the VIP events only. Please contact the VLC staff for VIP dates and times at the camp you choose.
What is the alcohol and tobacco policy?
As an organization committed to the healthy development of our children with disabilities, we strongly discourage the use of alcohol and tobacco products while on camp property.
What will we be doing at camp?
Victory Lane Camp’s desire is to empower and equip families with and without disabilities to serve each other and build a healthy, happy community together. Each day of camp is filled with family activities that bring our families with disabilities (Victory Families) and our volunteer families (Backyard Mission Trip Families) together. Certain training times for the Victory Families will require that BYMT adults be in charge of groups of kids involved in kid appropriate activities. Often these groups will be a mixture of children with and without disabilities. Other than training times, families, both Victory and BYMT, will enjoy activities together. Teens and pre-teens have a special opportunity to get involved with the TIM (Teens in Missions) program where they are paired with a specific Victory Kid to develop a bond and friendship with during camp. Each TIM will receive additional training during camp to help them connect with and serve their Victory Kid and Victory Family better.