Cultivating Friendships Through the Victory Lane Community

Over the past decade, Victory Families and Partner families have formed hundreds of friendships. These friendships usually begin at a summer camp session and then blossom through connections at Victory Lane events and even outside of Victory Lane activities. Christine Carey and Whitney Davies first met at last summer’s camp session during a campfire time. Since then, they have had a chance to connect on a deeper level, especially at the Women’s Refresh weekend this spring.

“Being together at Women’s Refresh allowed us to connect in a way we couldn’t at camp,” Christine Carey shared. “We can grow together and get to know one another through spending time together, and that helps me to relax and know I’m in a safe place.”

Christine’s son Alex is older than Whitney’s children, which provides several opportunities for seeking advice. Whitney appreciates that Christine is good at reaching out to start text conversations.

 “Christine has been an inspiration, sharing the experiences of our boys and learning more about ways to help our boys grow,” Whitney expressed.

Whitney describes herself as someone who is not very outgoing and would normally stress about involving herself and her family in activities outside of their home. She noted that without Victory Lane camp sessions and events, it would not be possible for her to form friendships like those she has through Victory Lane.

“All of this allows me to grow in the comfort of being a better parent and fostering my adult friendships that I need, but fail to take care of on my own,” she added. “I love having these friendships that when we come back together, it’s like nothing was missed.”

Christine can relate to the challenges of finding meaningful friendships. She recalls a time when she struggled to leave the house with her family, feeling like she was sacrificing peace to connect with other people. She notes that spending time within the Victory Lane community doesn’t feel that way.

“Over time we have learned it’s no longer a sacrifice to leave the comfort of our home, but it’s a joy and it’s something our whole family looks forward to now,” she explained. “I am actually in tears sharing this because I had forgotten about what that felt like. Our family has always said being at our first camp was a game changer, but continuing to be part of the Victory Lane community is truly a game changer!”

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