Board Members Find Meaning Through Service

Behind the camps, connections, and community of Victory Lane is a dedicated board of directors supporting and leading the organization. This board is comprised of people from various backgrounds, united with one mission: helping families form life-long relationships through Victory Lane.

Finding Friendships

Janis Muncy became involved in Victory Lane at the first summer camp session, and she and her family have served as a Partner Family several times. She is a special education teacher who homeschooled her five children until recently.

“I decided to join the board because I felt led to be involved in decision-making that would guide and direct Victory Lane,” she shared. “My life has been changed by being involved with Victory Lane. I have gained new perspectives, been challenge, stretched and strengthened.”

She appreciates the relationships she has formed with families and watching friendships grow through her children’s involvement. Her Victory Lane memories include seeing her son Max in a race with his friend Ian.

“My son was about 10 or 11 years old and was racing a pedal car against another camper named Ian who was a young man in an electric wheelchair. Max was absolutely racing him and had no intention of letting him win just because he was in a wheelchair,” she recalls. “It shows that Max viewed Ian as a person—a regular kid. They had a great time with each other just doing the kid stuff that they both had in common that they found fun.”

Supporting Families

Kent Shadley

Kent Shadley discovered Victory Lane through a networking connection with Victory Lane Founder Brett Fischer. As a parent of a child with special needs, Kent was very interested in the Victory Lane concept and ministry. He joined the board in the spring of 2020 and appreciates the wide range of experience and expertise on the board.

“Seeing something from a different perspective is always interesting and enlightening,” Kent noted. “But the thing I appreciate the most about this board is the heart everyone has for special needs kids AND their families.”

He explained that many times, families are shoved to the side and the focus all goes to the child who has special needs.

“It’s tough to be a special needs parent or sibling, and there isn’t a lot of support out there for families. Victory Lane changes that,” he said.

Kent hopes to reach more Partner Families as Victory Lane continues to grow. He also sees opportunities for “alumni” who will continue to need support for their adult children.

He shared: “Preparing families for special needs adulthood is a strong need that I hope we can begin to fulfill over the next few years.”

Victory Lane is incredibly thankful for all of our board members: Don Criswell, Jennie Brewster, Dara Upchurch, Mark Cole, Kent Shadley, and Janis Muncy. To find out how you can be part of creating lifelong family connections as a donor to Victory Lane, visit