Friendships Deepen at Women Refresh Weekend

For the past eight years, the women associated with Victory Lane circle a date in May on their calendars: Women’s Refresh Weekend. Women’s Refresh is a foundational activity for Victory Lane designed to enhance friendships between Victory Moms and Partner Moms.

Donors to Victory Lane open the door to this opportunity, and the result is a rich tapestry of relationships. These relationships are nurtured through edifying activities, shared meals, and quiet moments.

“Before Victory Lane began, I would see parents who had a hunger for adult conversation apart from therapy… the types of conversations that used to happen across backyard fences,” noted Victory Lane Founder Brett Fischer.

Brett enlisted the help of his wife Paige to help make these special weekends happen. It’s an assignment she pours herself into, enlisting the help of others who have a heart for encouraging others and simply being a friend.

“I love sitting and chatting with these women, cooking stir fry together, and even staying up late and playing cards,” Paige shared. “These are my people, my tribe, my community… who wouldn’t want that in their life?”

For Paige, the most meaningful time comes at the end of the weekend: “Women will come and talk with me afterwards and tell me what God showed them or said to them through that weekend.”

One of the moms who looks forward to Women’s Refresh every year is Christine Carey. She loves being able to “be in the moments” and enjoy everything and everyone around her.

“I met the incredible Holly Drummond whom I heard of for years but had never met yet. I really enjoyed getting to know her while playing a fun game and just talking,” Christine shared. “Carmen Cash and I have never really connected during busy camp sessions, so it was nice slowing down the pace and being able to talk. And hug.”

Christine appreciated the opportunity to go off alone to be with her thoughts. She was able to listen to the birds outside and focus on what God wanted her to know in that moment.  

“The friendships I have made through Victory Lane have changed my life. Before Victory Lane I had a few close friends I knew I could trust and really count on,” she expressed. “Now I have a community of them. And I cannot imagine my life without them nor what I did before these purposeful connections were made at Victory Lane events. I’m forever grateful for the people who have worked so hard to start and continue this amazing organization.”

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