Wise Wheels: How You Can Make A Difference


Taby Wise knows her son needs to get out more. AJ is a teenager who loves learning, especially about animals.


“He likes to go fishing, to the zoo, to the aquarium, history museums. He also likes going out to eat and to his favorite video game store,” Taby noted. Unlike most teens, however, AJ has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the disease is progressing at a rapid rate. So not all of AJ’s trips are “fun.” The family makes at least four trips to doctors’ appointments each month.


These appointments are at least a 45-minute drive away, and sometimes closer to two hours. While driving, Taby is often praying. She is praying that the family’s van with more than 220,000 miles on it will make it back home. She is praying that they don’t get in an accident, because AJ’s bones are fragile. She is praying that AJ will not get sick on the way due to the bouncing from the van’s worn shocks.


When they arrive at their destination, AJ is usually exhausted.


“It puts bruises on his legs because he uses his legs to push up. It’s really tough on his body for him to transport from his wheelchair into the vehicle and back,” Taby expressed. “Traveling is very hard, and it wears him out. He doesn’t want to go anywhere.”

That’s where you come in.

The Victory Lane Camp community is raising funds to help the Wise family get a van with a conversion lift to help AJ travel safely and easily.

You can help right now.

    • ŸCreate a donation can and help collect funds.
    • ŸHelp secure a corporate sponsorship or grant.
    • Ask your service group or church group to make a donation.


If you have questions, contact Brett or Tiffanny at (765) 591-4191.


You can help get AJ on the road with a safe, specialized vehicle!