Victory Lane Reignites Community

Families raising kids with disabilities navigate isolation on a regular basis. Victory Lane is designed to bring hope and help around families who tend to withdraw and attempt to solve problems on their own.

Victory Lane’s approach is intended to build regular meet ups, family-to-family gatherings, events, and—yes—camps too. Facing the challenges of last year gave Victory Lane families an opportunity to shine bright and lead out of the pandemic. We always adapt at Victory Lane, so navigating the circumstances during 2020 and beyond was just one more obstacle to lead through.  

The Reignite Community campaign started in April 2021 with encouraging safe individual get-togethers at restaurants. From these moments, we were able to build momentum to our events, family-to-family gatherings and finally our reunion camp.

“The Reignite Community grant money allowed me and a few families from camp to be able to enjoy and meal together while building friendships,” explained Janis Muncy, Partner mom. “Having the accountability of a group helped me keep focus on my goal of deepening relationships with the friends I made during our camp experience.”

The semi-structured nature of the campaign provided the inspiration for connections between Victory families and Partner families. As the relationships reignited, it led to increased opportunities.

“It was wonderful to be able to go out and connect with other Victory Lane community members. Some of these families have not been connect with since they were at camp, so it was nice to tell them that Victory Lane was taking care of our meal and we were able to get away from the financial stress and just be able to connect was so nice” said Melissa Smith, Victory mom and Reignite Community volunteer.  

We have all learned how critical relationships and community are to our society in 2020. Families raising kids with disabilities are part of the solution, there is a lot we can learn from them.  

Generous donors have allowed Victory Lane to lead through the pandemic and push forward and igniting the Reignite Community campaign, hosting camp and our annual events. These opportunities would not be possible without the donations graciously given.  

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