New Stories Are Waiting To Be Told In Victory Lane’s Next Decade

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As the 10-year anniversary of Victory Lane comes to a close, Founder Brett Fischer and Director Natasha Hamilton anticipate new stories waiting to be told in the decade to come. Some of these stories will feature Victory Families who discover a community prepared to support them through life’s challenges. Other stories will include Partner Families who find that serving creates deep friendships they didn’t realize they were missing.

“I am very excited for the 2024 calendar year for Victory Lane, going into our 11th year,” shared Natasha Hamilton, Victory Lane’s director. “The key to our future is to continue to educate and connect Partner Families and Victory Families.”

Building Relationships Through Camp And Year-Round

Relationships are at the core of Victory Lane stories, and Founder and CEO Brett Fischer hopes families gain “S’more relationships” in the year ahead.

“Ultimately, we can only grow deeper together when engagement increases, so we hope to find more opportunities to help our families ‘go deeper together’ in the Victory Lane community,” he noted.

One way families build relationships is through summer camp sessions. This year, camp sessions return to Mahoning Valley in Rushville, Indiana. Camp dates are July 20-26, with first-year Victory Families attending July 20-23 and returning families coming July 23-26.

Victory Lane offered a “taste” of the camp experience this fall with the Campfire Series. “It helped attract attention to what we are doing in Victory Lane and recruit Partner Families earlier,” Brett explained. He hinted that there may be similar events in the future.

Another annual Spring tradition is the Amazing Wheel Race. Natasha expects another record-setting year for participants and donations for the event held annually near the Victory Lane offices in New Castle, Indiana. Moreover, she hopes to begin to replicate the event in a second city.

Growing Opportunities For More Stories

Expanding the impact of Victory Lane is a hope that Victory Lane’s staff, board, and volunteers are working toward for the future. “We have a great thing going in Victory Lane, and I believe it will only get better if we expand and grow into another city,” Brett said.

The key component for Victory Lane moving forward is the recruitment of Partner Families. While Victory Families are waiting to join camp sessions, there is a shortage of Partner Families to support the relational aspects of camp and year-round events.

“We need everyone connected with Victory Lane to be an ambassador and help champion the call to Partner Families to volunteer to attend camp,” expressed Brett.

Natasha continued, “Victory Lane is strong because of the families sharing the purpose and mission of Victory Lane. The continued growth of Victory Lane can’t be done with just Brett and I, but with the entire Victory Lane Community helping to spread the word, mission, and purpose of Victory Lane.”

How can you continue the story of Victory Lane by helping to recruit Partner Families?
-Share the website with people you know.
-Follow Victory Lane on Facebook and Instagram and share posts, especially those related to Partner Family recruitment.
-Ask Brett or Natasha to speak at a church or group you are connected to.
-Consider hosting a “house party” to share the opportunities available with Victory Lane.

Become part of the life-changing stories that will happen in Victory Lane’s next decade.
Contact Natasha Hamilton with questions: [email protected] or 765.591.7487