Victory Lane Donors Aid in Purchase of Family Van

Dara Upchurch and her family have been involved in the Victory Lane community since its beginning. Their family was one of the first to experience a Victory Lane camp session, and they have been immersed ever since. When asked what Victory Lane meant to her, Dara explained, “Victory Lane is a community like no other. Saying it feels like home is simply cutting it short.”

The Upchurch family is beautifully blended and includes two children with special needs: Noah has autism and Caden has spina bifida. Dara and her family have always had a passion for the special needs community, but Victory Lane taught them to be more aware, compassionate, and connected. 

“Victory Lane has shown my children to care about other people,” Dara explained. “They want to do things for others and encourage them to know they are capable.”

Caring for others doesn’t stop with the Upchurch children. Dara and her husband participate in many Victory Lane events. They serve as friends and family to all community members.

When the Victory Lane community learned of the Upchurch family’s need for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, they stepped in to help. With the support of generous donors and business sponsors who helped to significantly offset the cost of the conversion for the wheelchair lift, the family was able to purchase a new van. The van allows Caden to be more self-sufficient and relieved a large amount of stress from the family.

“This is a community that loves us,” Dara continued. “This gift lifted our spirits and financial health worries.”

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