True Security

Fear rushes in when you have to let go of security and stability. Often times you can see the look on a child’s face when this begins to happen. The face says it all but once trained you can start to anticipate this fear through other senses as well. When working with a child I often have my hands on their shoulders or trunk for support and I’m working from behind them in order to grade the amount of necessary support to provide, therefore, I don’t see their face.  I’m basically supporting them in strategic places with my hands, wrists and forearms to protect them and also teach them how to hold their body up against gravity. When fear begins to set in the child tenses up in her muscles and before this fear gets too high, I will sing the ABC’s or make a funny distracting sound to keep her calm. This is one reason I love Fernando Ortega’s worship music so much. It appears that God knows when my muscles are getting tense. He understands me so well and feels my precarious position with His protecting touch.  Interestingly enough, I don’t always perceive God’s presence until another sense kicks in like sound. I believe this is one reason God inspired the Psalmist like He did.  God understands His created children so well that He knew that our senses were going to miss His presence and we were to become fearful. God created multiple senses so that when one of our senses missed His presence, He could use another one to step in and give us the security and stability of His grace – which is what we really need.