Three Amigos Connect at Camp

The Three Amigos or The Three Stooges. Whatever the Victory Lane Camp community calls this group of three guys, they don’t seem to mind. They’re too busy enjoying a wonderful friendship. Delmar Smith, David Upchurch, and Greg Carey all met through Victory Lane Camp. As dads who have children with disabilities, they found they had a lot in common.

The three began connecting on a deeper level during last year’s camp session at Cornerstone. But the friendship didn’t end when camp concluded. They visited one another and made a point to be at as many monthly Victory Lane Camp events as possible.

“If I know they’re going to be there, it lifts my spirits. They are both great guys, and with both of them also having kids with special needs, they get it,” David Upchurch expressed. “They really understand in a way that others can’t.”

Greg is considered the “Mo” of the group, referring to the classic Three Stooges. They refer to Delmar as the MacGyver because he is good at figuring things out, a skill that helped them outmaneuver an escape room during one of their outings. David is known for his outgoing personality and great heart.

“When the three of us get together, we revert back to our fun-loving childhood days. I can be myself and let loose,” Delmar shared. “With caring for a child with special needs, there is always something that needs to be done. We can watch over the kids together and be ourselves. We just click.”

The trio’s bond was solidified at the Victory Lane Camp session at Bradford Woods in June. The three enjoy talking about life together and aren’t afraid to broach sensitive topics like religion and politics.

“It’s cool, because we can just laugh. Laughter is very important,” David said. “We like to goof off and then we can be serious.”

At the Victory Lane Camp pool party a few weeks after camp, the three amigos were together again, having a serious discussion about what faith means to them. Minutes later, they were laughing and talking about something silly.

“That’s what makes our relationship just fun,” David continued.

David, Greg, and Delmar plan to continue getting together throughout the year. Their wives also enjoy one another and make sure VLC events and casual outings are on the schedule. They are even planning to take a vacation together.

“We have a lot of shared experiences with our children. All of us have a child on the spectrum, and we have learned quickly that milestones and expectations have completely changed. My other friends may not get it at all,” Greg shared. “It’s almost like family, maybe even better.”