How could your therapy skills and experience be used at Victory Lane Camp?

At Victory Lane we welcome the whole family.

Victory Lane is building an inclusive community of families that are educated and empowered by therapists to adapt and overcome obstacles through creative therapeutic solutions. We welcome the whole family. Yours too!

Victory Lane gives you, the therapist the opportunity to coach willing volunteers on the language of disability

Over the years of delivering Victory Lane Camps and events pediatric PT, OT and Speech Therapists are an essential piece to helping bridge two different levels of anxiety. Victory Families, those with children facing life long diagnoses, relax and engage easier knowing an experienced pediatric therapist is present. Partner Families, those with children without diagnosis, embrace their roles easier knowing a pediatric therapist team is present to answer questions and guide them through their hesitation, questions and concerns.

"There is nothing quite like it. As a pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant, I’ve seen kids and their siblings come out of their shell and embrace others at Victory Lane. It is a lifechanging experience." Diann Nichols, PTA