How would therapy look different if you could
involve the entire family?

At Victory Lane we welcome the whole family.

Victory Lane is building an inclusive community of families that are educated and empowered by therapists to adapt and overcome obstacles through creative therapeutic solutions. We welcome the whole family. Yours too!

Victory Lane gives you the freedom to employ your skills without the burden of documentation.

Creating a therapeutic environment is an essential aspect of Victory Lane’s summer experience for families with children who have special needs. Stephanie, a speech pathologist, sees a unique perspective of camp. She has been a part of using the camp experience to provide the benefits of therapy.

“I think kids can go to a clinic and leave the room without taking much of it with them. I love that the therapy of camp is facilitating changes that need to happen or modifications so that the kids can fully engage in all of the activities at camp,” she explained. “That’s a really functional and fun form of therapy. I like that it’s not in a room. It’s outside and it’s happening as they’re interacting with others.”