‘The Best Vacation To Take With Your Kids’


Janis Muncy remembers being a physical therapy student and working with people who had special needs.

“It was a formative experience for me and it changed my life,” she noted. So when her friend Paige Fischer started talking about Victory Lane Camp, Janis knew she wanted to be part of this exciting community.

“I was on the planning committee for the first two camps, and my kids came on the last day of the first camp.”

That was all it took for the Muncy children, ranging in age from 2 to 14, to insist that the entire family be a part of camp in 2014. They had to make some hard choices, like giving up other camps and vacations, but it was well worth it.

“Kids are kids,” Janis said. “If they’re having a good time, they don’t care what you might look like. They weren’t out to be any kind of missionary, but when they needed to serve, they did.”

Through the experience, the entire Muncy clan met new people, made friends, and had a lot of fun. It expanded their awareness of families with special needs and planted seeds of growth. Victory Lane Camp taught the family that making something accessible is a priority and accepting differences is a good thing.

“Of anything you choose to do, if you have the opportunity to take this trip you’ll find it worthwhile,” Janis expressed. “It’s the best vacation I can recommend to take with your kids where they will experience the intangible love and appreciation that you get from other people.”

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