7 Thankful Thoughts From Victory Lane Camp

Victory Lane Camp Thanksgiving

November is the time of year when hearts turn toward thankfulness. It’s the perfect time to show gratitude for the many people who help make Victory Lane Camp the great community it is. Here is our Thanksgiving list:

1. Victory Kids

Can you even imagine Victory Lane Camp without Victory Kids? Every differently-abled kid that has attended an event or participated in camp has demonstrated the meaning of unconditional love, joy, and hope. From Aaron’s version of Baby Shark to the smile on AJ’s face when he rode in his new van for the first time, these moments won’t soon be forgotten. We are grateful for the opportunity to know, serve, and love each Victory Kid that is a part of VLC.

2. Victory Families

When Victory Families choose to share their lives with VLC, they show the beauty of vulnerability and shine light on the need for community. By allowing the VLC community to come alongside them in their journeys, they have taught us all how to relate and care for families of all ages and abilities. This year, several Victory Families returned to camp as Mission Trip Families to serve others. We are thankful to be included in the lives of each Victory Family.

3. Mission Trip Families

Backyard Mission Trip Families give of their time and energy to help ensure each Victory Kid and Victory Family has the experience of a lifetime while at camp. They continue that role during the year through monthly events and continued relationship-building. These families made it possible to offer a “Night Out” for Victory Parents and many were also involved in the George Dennehy concert. We are grateful for their willingness to give of themselves to build the Victory Lane Camp community.

4. Pit Crew Members

None of our events or camps would be the same without the hard work of each Pit Crew member. Volunteering year-round, VLC Pit Crews plan and prepare to provide a quality experience for each person that comes to VLC. The Camp Programming Pit Crew, for example, aims to make all families feel welcome at camp and works with therapists to create customized activities for campers and their families. We are thankful for their hard work and determination.

5. Corporate Sponsors

Our corporate sponsors make it possible for VLC to continue to serve. These companies include Superior Van And Mobility, Midwest Orthotic And Technology Center, Huffman Family Chiropractic, Bethany Cares Home Health Agency, Henry County REMC, Reid Health Community Benefit, NUmotion, 321Go Kids’ Rehab, and Just Mulch, Inc. We are grateful to each one of these businesses for choosing to partner with us.

6. Donors

Our donors make a difference through VLC by deciding to give of their finances. Victory Lane Camp would not be possible without the funding provided by our individual and church-based donors. We are thankful for each person and congregation and their contributions to the VLC community over the years.

7. YOU!

Finally, thank you to our readers and social media supporters. You help spread the word of VLC and help us reach more people who can become part of the Victory Lane Camp community. Continue inviting your friends and neighbors to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help families of all ages and abilities connect and support one another. Thank you to everyone who has helped VLC grow and thrive. Have a blessed time of remembrance and thanksgiving this holiday season.