Teen Shares Talent and Friendship Through VLC

Samuel Fischer Serving at Special Needs Camp

The dream, vision, and drive to start Victory Lane Camp was a leap of faith for the entire Fischer family. Samuel Fischer was just a small child when his parents founded Victory Lane Camp but he is now experiencing new opportunities and personal impact from his involvement with VLC.

Samuel’s interest in taking photos and videos led him to become further involved with VLC. What began as making highlight reels of the footage he had taken at camp turned into a continuing job.

“It’s a lot of work but so much fun and totally worth it.” Samuel continued, “God has given me a gift with media and photography/videography, and I hope to go to school for it one day. This exercises my talent and gives me a chance to love on families with special needs in a close and personal way.”

Samuel has taken the opportunity to love on families and used it make close connections and friendships with families at camp. Some of his favorite camp memories include his friendship with Caden Upchurch. Samuel remembers helping Caden learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, going swimming together, and making sandcastles at the lake.

Samuel also formed a friendship with Josiah Hamilton through camp. They both enjoyed hanging out with each other at camp. Samuel shared, “The great thing about VLC is that relationships don’t end at camp. I see Caden and Josiah often in town and at VLC events. It’s just awesome how camp can not only start, but continue relationships.”

The need for VLC is an aspect that is close to Samuel’s heart. “I see how big of a need ministering to these families is, not just in Henry County, but how everywhere needs it. I hope to one day see it grow exponentially and impact so many other families.”