Speak Up with Grace

Proverbs 31:8 challenges us to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.  Victory Lane Camp’s vision includes this Speaking Up we are called to do.  It is hard understanding the limitations a disability places on time, money and relationships when you don’t have a child with a disability in your home.  It has been interesting watching the ministry of Victory Lane Camp take flight, because many people want to run and tell their neighbors who have a child with a disability about our Camp.  Many people want to hand a business card about our “High Five Crew” and give it to a family in need.  My call is to help the communities and churches of America see that our neighbors need our help.  These families need a friend, a community that cares and most importantly hope.


The burden is too great.  The emotional load and time crunch created by a child with a disability goes beyond their physical limitation.  The community is the one who needs to hear the Vision of Victory Lane Camp in addition to the families.  This is why we have created “Vacation with a Purpose.”  You, your small group at church, and/or your whole church can come to Victory Lane Camp and participate in the CampProgramming and live life together with families with disabilities.  You share their schedule.  You experience their child’s therapy sessions.  You embrace their hope and potential to contribute back to society in ways that often go unnoticed.


After a week at Victory Lane Camp, we see communities embracing, engaging and encouraging families of children with disabilities toward hope.   Will you take a moment and begin listening to the hearts and desires of families in your own communities?  They need the hope you have to offer through your gift of time, talents and treasure. https://victorylanecam.wpengine.com/donate/   Allow Victory Lane Camp to Empower and Equip you to share your hope with them.  Speak up with Grace for a family of a child with a disability.