Sharing Compassion With Drive-By Parade

Who does an eighteen year old with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy turn to for hope after a diagnosis of Covid-19?

Children and families impacted by disabilities find themselves feeling overwhelmed and at times, lonely. It can be difficult to find people who understand the stress of daily life and health challenges. Because of the generous donors of Victory Lane, these families are given the opportunity to build relationships with others who want to connect with them.

Taby Wise knew she needed to find other people who understood her life with her son, AJ, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

When the Wise family became involved with Victory Lane AJ was 13 years old. His mom explained that AJ was very attached to her and wouldn’t leave her side for more than a couple of moments. However, while attending their first camp session at Victory Lane, AJ began gaining independence.

“AJ would say to me, ‘Mom, I will be okay! I want to be with my friends,” Taby said. “I actually cried because I was so happy for AJ.”

Victory Lane quickly became an extension of the Wise family. They became a fixture at Victory Lane events and camp sessions, and the relationships that started at camp began to thrive.

Unfortunately, AJ tested positive for COVID-19 in January 2021, a particularly scary result for him and his family due to his medical condition. During this time, AJ’s Victory Lane family wanted him to know they were thinking of him. Thankfully, AJ’s Victory Lane friends had the perfect idea to put a smile on his face.

A car train of seventeen vehicles from the Victory Lane community gathered together one evening to host a drive-by parade for AJ. They drove by his home, honked, waved, and showed posters they had made for AJ. After the parade, a representative from the Victory Lane Community dropped off cards and balloons for AJ and shared “Get Well Soon” wishes.

“It was amazing watching AJ’s reaction to the parade,” continued Taby. “He was smiling from ear to ear and later recorded a thank you video for his friends.”

Victory Lane is comprised of individuals who understand the importance of community and being there for families impacted by disabilities… especially when times are tough. With the help of generous donors, Victory Lane is able to foster a supportive community throughout the year to ensure children with disabilities and their families never feel lonely again.

Taby summarized the overall impact of this support: “I don’t think I can tell you in words how much Victory Lane truly means to our family.”

If you would like to help the Victory Lane community continue creating connection and life-long relationships, visit