Your Family can Serve Together

Are you looking for a mission trip experience that you can take your whole family on? Become a Serving Family with Victory Lane Camp.

What is a serving family? What do serving families do at camp?

The first and most important function that you will perform as a serving family is to build relationships with our families of children with special needs (or as we call them Victory Families). This is done in a variety of ways;

  1. Conversation! We build a lot of free time in our camp schedule in order to allow plenty of time for serving families and Victory families to get to know each other. We ask our serving families to be intentional about starting and participating in conversations.
  2. Participating in family activities in community with Victory Families. Most of our activities at camp are for the entire family and we encourage our serving families to get involved in the activities and help the Victory families participate as well. Most Victory families will require some type of adaptation in order for them to participate. We teach and empower serving families how to adapt any activity or environment to the needs of their assigned Victory family, and if the serving families need help, a therapist is always close by to assist them.
  3. Recognize the needs of the Victory family and fill them. Don’t let this one scare you because the training serving families receive prior to camp gives them the confidence to recognize and fill the needs of your assigned Victory family.
Other than building relationships, serving families can expect to be asked to help set up and clean up after activities and meals. We also expect serving families to participate in campfire activities which includes things like skits (not a requirement), building campfires, running sound and video equipment or helping with S’mores.