Puzzling Grace

Growing up, card table puzzles were one way we, as a family, would pass away the rainy and cold days of winter. We would even have friendly sibling competitions to see who could put their puzzle together the fastest. Solving puzzles can bring a sense of accomplishment while challenging the mind to explore systems of colors, shapes within the context of a bigger picture.


Puzzles are a good metaphor on life. We can go through our day and frantically try to figure out how to solve the next problem, resolve the next relational tension or make the next business decision. Or we can trust the process to our God’s Puzzling Grace of building relationships and extending us His joy, creatively. We can stop, pray and trust our God who knows best how to complete the puzzle of our life. However, it is our choice to stop, pray and trust.

Jelly Bean Puzzle


Earlier today I needed to pick up something from the hardware store and drop something off on the other side of the county. I stopped and prayed because I didn’t have the time to drive across county. In addition to my apparent dilemma, I also had been trying to get a hold of a friend on his new cell phone. On the way to the hardware store, I decided to stop by his house. He was home and I was able to help him fix his cell phone (Those who know me realize there was an extra measure of God’s grace involved here). After helping him reset his phone, temporarily interrupted by his 3 year old granddaughter, I realized he was traveling right by my location on the other side of the county. In addition, he had the very thing at his house that I was going to pick up at the hardware store.





Puzzles are not difficult for a Sovereign God. His desire is to care for His children and help them meet their needs with His Grace. He sees the big picture of your life. He sees and knows how to accomplish your goals better than you do.


Share with us your story of Puzzling Grace. You may be surprised how God uses your story to encourage someone else as the “final piece” of their puzzle.