Mom’s Refresh: A time of renewal

mom's refresh

Taby Wise’s main goal is to provide the greatest quality of life for her son, AJ. That means making personal sacrifices. One of which is going back to school for a nursing degree. Another is not spending a night away from him in 14 years.

Angela Humphry and her husband have answered the call to adopt. They welcomed three boys into their family, each boy with his own physical or emotional needs. While she has been away for the night before, she sees the value in taking that time.

Each of these women were able to experience some much needed time of renewal by attending the Mom’s Refresh Weekend hosted by Victory Lane Camp (VLC). Every Victory mom who has attended a VLC camp is invited to a weekend of connection, pampering, and rest. It originally began three years ago from Paige Fischer’s heart for women and vision for a much needed time of deeper connection for these moms.

They meet at Brenda Miller’s house. They cook and eat together, talk and share stories, and have devotional and quiet time. This year, the weekend included a spa day.

“We offer the weekend at a low cost for moms. The people who help donate to VLC help offset costs for moms to be able to come. During the spa day, local businesswomen came in to offer services: massages, facials, haircuts, manicures. Many of them donated their time to be there. And I’m very thankful for that,” explained Paige. She anticipates that next year’s Refresh weekend will outgrow the Miller’s home due to the increasing number of families participating in this summer’s camps.

Taby was nervous to spend the night away from AJ but was still excited to go. Paige recalled, “When she knew there was going to be a mom’s weekend, she asked me when it was going to be so she could make sure she took that weekend off. I didn’t have the final plans made yet, but she was excited and rearranged her schedule to go.”

The road to Mom’s Refresh wasn’t easy for Taby. The Wise family accrued unexpected expenses with their van. Taby thought it would be better for her, financially, to stay and work that weekend. She and Paige prayed over the situation together, and decided that Taby should apply for a High Five Crew grant. Through the help of the High Five Crew, Taby was able to go.

“I’m thankful that the VLC High Five Crew was there for her,” Paige expressed.

The weekend away helped Taby to see the value of setting aside time for herself as well as time for AJ’s dad, Jimmy. She explained, “I realized being away for those 2 days, AJ’s going to be okay. As long as he has good caregivers, it’s okay to leave him for a little bit and take that time. The biggest thing was realizing that I can set aside that time for me and Jimmy to get away and work on our relationship and make it stronger.”

She continued to share about her VLC experience, “I’ve always had my faith in God. Sometimes we’ve swerved away. It’s really brought me back into my faith. I’m a very positive person anyway. It’s really lifted up my spirits to know that with so much moral support, I can handle anything.”

Angela Humphry was also able to participate in part of the restful weekend. Even stating, “I didn’t want to come home, but I had to leave early. Twenty-four hours of being pampered and spoiled– and just hanging out with other moms that get it– is a way of connecting on a deeper level. Paige had arranged for haircuts and manicures and massages. It was just all stuff that I never do. I just don’t have time or want to spend the money. It was a lot of fun!”

She went on to describe her experience with Victory Lane Camp as a whole, “It’s an awesome ministry. Their vision for it is unique. Ministering to special needs families and bringing alongside others that will continue to minister. It’s a lonely place sometimes. The support and encouragement is just a great, really unique ministry.”

Mom’s Refresh is a valuable weekend for Victory Moms. It’s also a meaningful time for the woman who put it into motion, Paige Fischer. “They change my life just by living theirs. I get the honor of putting it together and being there to put puzzle pieces together. To watch them, it changes me. They’re inspirations.”