Victory Moms Focus on ‘True Beauty’ During Refresh Weekend

It started with tacos and quickly became about “True Beauty.” This year’s Moms Refresh weekend for Victory Moms included eight moms, three who were attending for the first time. Victory Lane Camp started the Mom’s Refresh weekend four years ago, and Paige Fischer serves as the primary coordinator for the annual event.  

“It’s intended to be a time of renewal and connection for Victory Moms,” Paige shared. “This year we brought in Carmen Cash to share a word of encouragement for the moms, and I believe it was well received.”

Other great activities in the weekend included a painting party led by Michelle Preble, a video series by Lisa Chan, a time of worship, and a delicious brunch provided by Tiffanny Youngquist and Nancy McCullers

Victory Mom Natasha Hamilton has been able to attend Mom’s Refresh every year. One of her favorite memories from the weekend is playing cards with everyone. “This year we had a four square competition. We get competitive,” Natasha shared.

More than the competitive games, Natasha enjoys relating to other Victory Moms over their kids and families and makes strong connections by the end of the weekend.

One of the first-time attenders this year was Jenn Fischer. Jen also appreciated the connections made and felt the impact it had on her.

“Part of the theme was ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ It was nice to center around that topic. We got 30 minutes to be still and be with God. It was nice to have that down time to do that,” Jenn expressed.

She also enjoyed hanging out with the other moms and, “hearing ways that God has worked in their life or hearing struggles that they have are similar to struggles that other women have had.”

Jenn shared with the other moms about an experience she had with her son who was having temper tantrums. “We were at our wits end. We went to a therapist who told us that it needed time to work itself out. We didn’t really pray about it. I thought, ‘why am I not giving this over to God?’ So, I prayed about it,” she shared. “Shortly after the prayer, we went a whole week without a tantrum. We even caught him regulating himself. It all kind of stemmed from me asking God for help with this. I told the group how prayer really does change hearts.”

Natasha also sees how Mom’s Refresh helps her to reset, “Every year it’s a great weekend. I look forward to it. We always laugh, cry, and make lots of memories with each other. When I leave on Sunday I honestly learn more and more about my relationship with God, my kids, husband. It truly is a refresher.”

The Mom’s Refresh weekend continues to grow as more Victory Families join the VLC community. For the past four years, the weekend was graciously hosted at Brenda Miller’s home. The growth for Mom’s Refresh means a new location for the May 2018 weekend. New opportunities will be announced during this year’s camping season.