Meet the Lorton and Wise Families

2015-Pace Lap families-1

Pace Lap Camp is just weeks away (July 12-19) and a total of six Victory Families are signed up to enjoy a memorable week of camp together. Victory Families are those who have a child who has special needs, and each Victory Family is paired with a supportive team during the week of camp. Parents will participate in helpful training and kids receive therapy in a fun camp environment. Siblings are part of the experience as well and have opportunities to fish, play mini-golf, and lots more.

Two of the families attending Pace Lap Camp are the Lorton (pictured right) and Wise (pictured left) families.

The Lorton family includes Anthony, Cheri, Malaya, and Johnny. Johnny was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and was given just a 10% chance of survival. He just celebrated his fifth year being cancer free. Johnny and Malaya have big hearts and are very loving. Cheri is a student in addition to caring for her kids. Anthony is a dispatcher.

The Wise family includes Andrew, also known as “AJ.” AJ is 13 and was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when he was five months old. He has a service dog named Terrel. AJ’s grandparents are very involved in his life and visit frequently. AJ’s mom, Tabitha, is a student at Ivy Tech and his dad, James, works at the New Castle Correctional Facility.

The cost for a Victory family to attend the Pace Camp is $3,000. The families have already paid $300 each to reserve their spot. Victory Lane Camp has established a Family Camp Scholarship Fund to help cover the remaining balance. Your donation to this fund supports Victory families like the Lorton and Wise families.

Find information about our Family Scholarship Fund here.