Making Splashes and Memories with Victory Lane

Celebrations are central to life in the Victory Lane community and are incorporated into gatherings whenever the opportunity arises. When a Victory family wanted to celebrate a birthday at Victory Lane’s summer pool party, the result was a birthday pool party for young Alex Mills.

Alex explained to his parents that he was really missing his friends and family. His family is very immersed in the Victory Lane community, attending several events each year. Over the last year, however, they haven’t been able to attend near as many as they would have liked.

“He really wanted a big birthday party and he also ‘hinted’ that he liked to swim,” Jennifer Mills, Alex’s mom, explained. “So when I saw the flyer for the pool party I immediately asked if it was ok to incorporate Alex’s birthday into the event.”

The Victory Lane community worked alongside Jennifer and Jamie (Alex’s dad), growing the focus of the event beyond connecting friends to celebrating Alex and his big day. There were cupcakes, birthday candles, and of course singing “happy birthday.” Alex had a blast and was so happy to see his Victory Lane family all together.

“The Victory Lane community has helped us be much more social. Alex was starting to become a little hermit… but he just loves spending time with Victory Lane friends and family and is always asking if there is an event coming up,” Jennifer added.

Alex, Jennifer, and Jamie made memories they will cherish for years to come at this dream-come-true birthday party. When you support Victory Lane, you help make moments like this happen. Find out how you can get involved by visiting