Making Smiles Possible: Family Scholarship Fund

Pictures of smiling kids

It’s not easy being a parent with a child who has special needs. In addition to energy spent in typical family life, there are doctor visits, therapy appointments, time off of work, and insurance negotiations. The expenses can quickly add up, making it difficult to add “extras” into the family budget. Victory Lane Camp realizes that while all families can benefit from a camp experience, affording it may be another matter.

The Family Scholarship Fund was established to help families of children with special needs afford camp. Each family contributes at least 10 percent of the cost of camp, and receives lodging, training seminars for the parents, family fun activities, and physical/occupational/speech therapy for children who have special needs.

We’re looking for “day donors” to support families through the Family Scholarship Fund. Here’s how it works:

-Full Day Donation Level- $500

-Half Day Donation Level- $250

-Victory Lane Camp Supporter- $100

Other donations are welcome, too! This is a great time to donate to the Family Scholarship Fund. Sulphur Springs Christian Church is providing a matching fund for each donation up to a total of $1,000.

We have two families in need of help from the Family Scholarship Fund to attend the Marriage and Family Enrichment Camp this weekend. Find out more about their stories by clicking here. Donate directly to the Family Scholarship Fund by [email protected].