Impact of Training Stretches Far Beyond Camp

When Billy and Wendy Bowman first heard about Victory Lane, they knew they wanted to be part of what was happening by becoming a Partner Family. The Bowmans have four sons ranging in age from 6 to nearly 17, and Victory Lane sounded like a great opportunity for their family to serve together. While Wendy was excited for the family, she is an introvert and naturally had some nervousness as the camp session approached.

“We saw how things were running and what an amazing impact this organization was having, but we were a little nervous that we wouldn’t be able to measure up to the expectations that may be put before us,” Wendy said.

The Bowmans dove in and started the training sessions that precede each camp experience. Part of what makes Victory Lane unique is the training provided to Partner Families. Each family is assigned specific videos for both parents and kids to help them prepare for camp and partnering with Victory Families. This summer the Bowmans are signed up to serve for their fifth year in a row.  

“Victory Lane is a community where differences are celebrated and where you can feel a part of something much greater than yourself,” expressed Wendy. “You can always count on this community to be there for you when you truly need it, whether you are a Partner Family or Victory Family, it doesn’t matter.”

For the Bowmans, the training and experience they gained at Victory Lane enriched their lives far beyond the events and summer camp sessions. The Bowmans are a foster family and currently have an 8-year-old son who has autism.

“We could not have said yes to this little joy if we hadn’t had the training we had through Victory Lane—amazing how God used Victory Lane to help us be ready for this little boy that we had no idea would be coming into our lives,” Wendy shared.

The Bowmans feel that the training and experience gained through Victory Lane was especially helpful to their children. They now receive kids with or without disabilities as friends without being nervous or awkward. They were also quick to welcome their foster brother.

“When we got the call for our foster son, we knew that God was allowing us to say yes to him coming into our home and being received by our other kids well,” noted Wendy. “They love him and he will always be a part of our lives.” When you support Victory Lane, you aren’t just impacting the lives of the Victory Families who attend. The training provided as part of the mission of Victory Lane benefits Partner Families in ways that defy imagination. If you are interested in supporting Victory Lane or becoming a Partner Family, you can learn more at