Hovering Grace

Well, I awoke again in the middle of the night and spent some time in prayer with Our Sovereign King. It was an encouraging time, in what seems at times an insurmountable future. We are reading in BSF how the angel spoke to Mary and the Holy Spirit came upon her. The questions took me to Genesis 1:2 and John 3:6. In Genesis 1:2 shows where the Spirit of God is hovering over the darkness of a “new beginning.” John 3:6 Flesh gives birth to flesh and Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

These two passages together pulled my mind to start thinking about how the Spirit of God is hovering over the new beginnings of this ministry. He sees the areas that are forming when my eyes have yet to see light. The Spirit knows the questions and wonderings of my heart, when my mind cannot comprehend my present circumstances. He is molding my leadership, my time and my attitude around trusting the Potters hand as he is remolding my life around the created imagination of what He wants Victory Lane Camp to become. He knows. He sees. He can feel the formation take place. The Spirit gives birth.

All too often on this journey, I’m afraid I get in the way. I’m learning the balance of letting go and letting God as I learn to lead. Since the Spirit giving birth to the Spirit is the positive, then flesh giving birth to flesh can be viewed as the negative. Man can create some pretty imaginative things, but if God is not in it then it has the tendency to become the focal point of everything Man does. And when this is the motivation and purpose, the end is already here. For this reason, I am asking the Spirit of God to hover, moment by moment, over my life as a leader so that I always remember that He is giving birth to this ministry – not me.