Giving up a few lattes

Parents hear child speak for the first time

Giving up dinner and a movie

Family time at a camp just for them
(and other great stuff!)

What if you and your friends could help lighten the load in a really significant way just by giving up a couple of cups of coffee a month? Or something really amazing, like giving up a dinner and a movie once a month? It’s actually pretty easy.

And the result would be pretty awesome! So, here is where you and your friends come in. It’s called the High Five Crew. You get involved. You share with four of your friends. They get involved. They share with four of their friends. You get the picture. Together, you have changed the life of a family and a child with a disability. Here’s how it works: Sign up and register with the High Five Crew. Decide your commitment level: Latte or Movie level. Click on the link to invite four of your friends to participate with you. Go ahead. High fives all around. Start your team. Make a difference.

After you sign in and pick your level of monthly commitment, please be sure to click on the "invite your friends" button. Pick your crew members there, invite them to join, and get started with your High Five Crew.

Or if you would just like to make a donation

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