Grace Unplugged

It’s a Holiday. Day to sleep in, right?  Kids are slightly older now so I can actually sleep until my body wakes me up. Wrong Answer.  Alarm clock in the room at my parent’s house is going off at 5am.   Ouch.  Of course, I turn it off quickly because the kids are sleeping on the floor nearby.  I can fall quickly back to sleep and no one will awaken.  Wrong Answer, again.  I must have hit the snooze because a few minutes later I’m awakened by the sound of Interrupted Holiday.


Life with children doesn’t go our way.  Add a disability and you never know how a holiday is going to be interrupted.  Interruptions could include trips to the ER, late night trips to your local store for batteries, hunting for the new box of medical equipment, or simply one more night of a child waking up with their unique style of grace.  One more early morning wake up reminding you of your isolation from the rest of the world.


Life has unexpected twists of joy or we can choose to wrestle with them in frustration.  Even through the stresses of my life, I too often find myself complaining and struggling through the thoughts of “this is not what I wanted!” or “This is not how life is supposed to be.”  Yet, God has a way of meeting us in moments like these.  He can peak around the corner with a smile.  He may give you a sound of reassurance that everything is going to be alright.   These moments of Grace unplugged are trials that can lead us to the Savior who is speaking to us with His peace, comfort and hope and waiting for us to look toward Him.  He simply says, “I am here, I am enough.”


I couldn’t find the off switch in the dark on the alarm clock, so I felt the cord to the end and unplugged it.  When life is full of unexpected darkness, I’m learning I have to feel through it, turn to God and unplug.  This morning, now that I am awake, I’m praying for those families who are struggling through their trials of interruption.   My prayer is simple: May the God, who reveals Himself, meet you in your moment of need with His grace unplugged.


Share with us your comments of “Grace Unplugged.”  How has God interrupted your life with moments of unexpected trials that have led to seeing a glimpse of His grace?