Grace in Action

This past week I’ve had time to read, reflect on 2013, pray and plan for the 2014 calendar year.  During this time, I read a testimony of “Grace in Action” that has confirmed my call to lead Victory Lane Camp in 2014.


Author and speaker, Emily Colson, has become a new friend to Victory Lane Camp since speaking at our banquet last November.  She is a grace-filled mom and an amazing communicator about her joys and struggles of raising her son Max, who has autism.  In this article linked here, you will see how Emily was an encouraging witness of grace amidst a jeering movie theater crowd that demonstrated discouraging cultural darkness.


IMG_1802tinyWhen I read this article, it emboldened my desire to empower and equip families.  Not just families of children with special needs, but families in every community.  Families and communities can learn how to adapt to the needs of children with sensory limitations.  When you live in community, you learn these subtle adaptations are minor adjustments that can make the whole community function better together.  If a compassionate community would have allowed Max to make the transition through the previews and into the movie, I guarantee the whole movie theater would have enjoyed the movie more by Max’s presence.


We are already gaining momentum toward our 2014 Camping Season.  As you are planning your 2014 vacations, would you be willing to pray about spending one week at Victory Lane Camp.  You, your family and your community will never be the same.