Giggles of Grace

Looking back on 2013, did you ever feel like life was out of balance?  You and your spouse run here and there and your communication seems more transactional or argumentative than nurturing and caring.  Your finances are a weekly reminder of the pain of “not enough” in many areas.  Your time is being stripped away by the diaper change of a child that should have been potty trained years ago, but because of their limitations, never will.  Or you know the behavioral outbursts of your school age child are communicating some need, but you cannot figure out what they are trying to tell you.  How can you achieve balance in 2014?

At the beginning of the school year, I took my two youngest to school and dropped them off for their first day.  As I placed their oversized, overstuffed back packs on their backs they proceeded to stumble around to the left, then three steps to the right.  They would teeter forward a couple of steps and then toddle two steps back.  The whole time the two children beamed with joy and giggles.  Smiles overflowed from their souls.  I was able to take a photo as they regained their balance for a brief moment before the balancing act continued.  Giggles of Grace covered their faces.
Kids with BackpacksAs I reflected on this moment, I realized these children found an answer that we often lose as adults.  Laughter and joy are good medicine amidst the challenging balancing acts of life.  When life takes us too far one way, laugh and regain balance.  When you’re not sure how your finances are going to stretch through the end of the week, choose to smile and place your trust in the God who is your Provider and says, “I am enough.”  When stress piles up and work overwhelms, choose to take a moment and laugh with your kids. If the struggle of infertility limits this possibility, find a niece or nephew to bring a balanced perspective on life.  In 2014, plan each week to spend time with each of your kids at their level of living: turn off the Television, play a game, rediscover the pure joy of how childhood giggles bring balance back to the heavy loaded backpacks we carry during life.

Victory Lane Camp wants to empower and equip families of children with special needs to heal through their disability.  Take a brief moment and write us your story of how the joy of a child balanced your life.