Fun Skits Lead to Shared Experiences with Victory Lane

The Victory Lane community thrives on shared experiences with one another, including memorable and entertaining skits. The joy our families experience are a result of the generous gifts given that fund every aspect of Victory Lane.

Each day at Victory Lane camp ends as the community gathers around a campfire for songs, s’mores, and most importantly, run-on skits. The skits last the entire week with characters reappearing to continue their story at campfire, meals or anytime the community is gathered in one place. These skits include various members of the Victory Lane community and lead to memorable moments and “one-liners” that survive long past camp.

During the 2021 summer camp session, the highlight skit character was “Tricky Trick Shot Johnny”. When this character was spotted, you would see his curly hair tamed by a sweatband, a purple jersey, and the hockey stick that he carried around. 

Tricky Trick Shot Johnny encouraged kids to “go to school because it’s cool”, and dared campers to tricky challenges that resulted in spinning the “wheely wheely trickly wheel”.

“Memories can be positively triggered when we remember an entertaining shared experience”, Brett explained. “We work hard to create a repeatable phrase for each skit that the kids will repeat all day long at camp. After camp the Victory Lane community is left with a way to draw the story back to their mind, much like a movie you and your sibling still quote from decades ago.”

Victory kid Truman held onto the memory of Tricky Trick Shot Johnny even after camp was over. He kept asking his family about Tricky, and Truman’s dad, Chris, got in touch with Tricky Trick Shot. Tricky Trick Shot Johnny made the skit continue just for Truman – he visited him and even gave Truman the opportunity to do a trick shot. Truman’s happy memory came to life once again, this time in his own home.

Because of the many generous donors who give to Victory Lane, characters like Tricky Trick Shot come to life and provide meaningful shared experiences. Learn more about the Victory Lane community and how you can get involved by visiting