The Four Horsemen Find Friendship Through Victory Lane

The friendships built through Victory Lane aren’t always between the children. When you invest in Victory Lane, you’re also helping to build relationships between dads. For Greg Carey, Delmar Smith, David Upchurch, and Todd Thibeault, connecting at Victory Lane events has led to legendary friendships. In fact, the four refer to themselves as The Four Horsemen.

The iconic friend group began in 2015 when Greg, Delmar, and David were dubbed “The Three Amigos” because they were inseparable at that year’s summer camp session. (Click here to read our story about “The Three Amigos.”)

Fast forward to 2018, Todd Thibeault attended a Victory Lane men’s retreat and quickly became friends with the Amigos. It wasn’t long before the name was shifted to “Four Horsemen” and the guys are rarely seen apart.

“We had matching shirts made for an outing we were attending, and the rest is just friendship history!” Todd explained. “We are all so different, but that’s what makes it work.”

The Four Horsemen continue to find encouragement from one another. Each dad has a child with disabilities and it’s something that they can discuss with the group without feeling out of place. They understand each other’s challenges and can give advice along with a pat on the back.

“These fellas are more than just friends, they’re my brothers, and I know that I could call on any of them for anything,” expressed David Upchurch. “They’re a support system that I thank God for.”

Greg, Delmar, David, and Todd still attend Victory Lane events and look forward to their time together. Whether they are venturing to Walmart to pick up forgotten camping items or participating in the annual chili cook-off, they always have the best time.

The friendships have evolved to go beyond just events organized through Victory Lane. The families share life together.

“We make special trips to New Castle to be with our friends,” Greg noted. “We have many fun adventures and get together for dinners, birthday parties, and sometimes just a couple of hours for board games.”

“When the four of us get together, we revert back to our fun-loving childhood days. I can be myself and let loose,” Delmar shared. “We can watch over the kids together and be ourselves. We just click.”

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