First-Time Campers Discover Friendships and Create Memories

Hughes-Robinson story

The Robinson family had never been camping before, so participating as a Victory family for Victory Lane’s first summer session was a big leap of faith. Jeremy Robinson had met Victory Lane Founder Brett Fischer at a camp for dads, but his wife Amanda and their kids Jacob, Alison, and Noah were unsure about signing up.

The Hughes family had their own hesitations. They served as the Robinson’s primary Partner Family. Sarah Hughes was the Robinson’s Crew Chief, overseeing all aspects of their camp experience. She felt unqualified and thought she needed a degree to be able to serve the Robinsons well.

Even though each family came in with their own uncertainties, it didn’t take long for the two families to become friends. Sarah, along with her husband Brian and daughter Hailey, worked diligently to ensure the Robinsons felt at ease.

“Our family appreciated how our every need was met and that we could spend time with each other in an enjoyable environment,” Amanda Robinson shared. “We loved getting to know the Hughes family. They were wonderful to talk with and extremely helpful with Jacob [their child with special needs].”

The Hughes Family valued what they learned while serving as a Partner Family. Sarah appreciated that the Robinsons treated Jacob the same as their other children.

“They don’t treat him any different. They have the same expectations and make him do things,” she noted. “They encourage him to not give up.”

Sarah also learned, “I don’t need a degree in special education to interact with special needs kids and their families.”

Both families shared that their favorite memory took place during a campfire session. Jacob sang his heart out, blessing so many people. The Robinsons also were delighted by Jacob’s TIM, who developed a close relationship with Jacob over the course of the weekend. TIMs are Teens In Mission, students who build intentional friendships with Victory Kids and help ensure the kids are included in camp activities.

The friendship between the Hughes and Robinson families continues. They have had dinner together and met at the pool. They are already planning more times to spend together.

As Amanda Robinson reflects over the process of going from a “never camped before” family to a Victory family, she expressed: “It was an amazing experience.”

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