Family Finds Enrichment and Support Through Victory Lane Events

From the time they first attended a summer camp session in 2018, the Landreth family has immersed themselves in the community life available through Victory Lane. The Landreths are a family of five, including Ed and Kristen and their children Dakota, Dom, and Dadrian. Dom and Dadrian have Mitochondrial Disease, which is a neuromuscular disease that impacts the body’s ability to make energy.

“Victory Lane allows families that share similar experiences to come together. It is nice to know that your family is not the only one going through challenges,” Kristen expressed.

Following camp, they made the effort to participate in the events planned for the Victory Lane community made possible in part by Victory Lane donors. Their boys love the roller skating and bounce house events. Ed and Kristen appreciated some of the events which provided a form of respite, allowing them to have time to themselves.

This rhythm of attending Victory Lane community events meant that the Landreths didn’t hesitate to stop by the “Bounce Into the New Year” event on the same day they returned from a trip to Florida. “Why not?” thought Kristen. “The boys have really enjoyed this activity over the last several years, and we were home, so it just seemed like the perfect activity to fill our afternoon!”

Ed and Kristen like seeing familiar faces and being able to connect with other families. They also enjoy being able to help other families that may be early in the process of diagnosis.

“Victory Lane is a community that allows families to come together and realize they are not alone, while also building lifelong relationships,” shared Kristen. It’s a wonderful support system that provides activities for the whole family!”

When you support Victory Lane, you make it possible for families like the Landreths to experience relationships that last long after camp sessions end. Find out more about how you can get involved with Victory Lane at