Events Pit Crew Builds Community with Monthly Events


Throughout the past year, Victory Lane Camp offered 12 events which led to laughter, memories, and connections. The team of volunteers working behind the scenes to produce these events is the Events Planning Pit Crew. The crew is comprised of Laura Anderson, Sarah Urwin, Stephania Houchins, Stephanie Winn, and Dara Upchurch. Each member contributes unique ideas and hard work to put together events like the Wheels Party, Pool Party, Family Movies, Chili Cook Off, and more.


“It’s our goal to facilitate intentional community and fun outings that anyone can be a part of and enjoy,” Stephanie Winn expressed. She began her involvement with VLC through attending camp as a speech therapist. She enjoys getting to know the other pit crew members and brainstorming ways to engage families in events throughout the year.


“It has helped me to think through the ways in which daily activities or get-togethers are not accessible to people of different abilities and ways in which we can make activities accessible to anyone,” she added.


As a Victory Mom, Dara Upchurch likes to help plan and execute activities with the Events Planning Pit Crew. She enjoys seeing families connect and create deeper relationships.


“It’s easy to get wrapped up in ourselves, and attending these events allows me to connect with others and hear their stories,” Dara shared.


Victory Lane Camp was just in the dreaming and planning stages when Sarah Urwin started getting involved. Although she no longer serves on the Events Planning Pit Crew, she still participates in brainstorming ideas at the meetings. She experienced the blessing of volunteering and invites others to join the crew to share in the blessings. It’s her vision to see each team member leading one or two events each year.


“I look forward to seeing more families impacted by this ministry through volunteering and becoming Victory Families over the coming years,” Sarah noted.


Victory Lane Camp is made up of many moving and growing parts. The Events Planning Pit Crew is an essential team of volunteers, and their efforts lead to deeper relationships and a community atmosphere. If you are looking for a way to become involved in VLC, consider joining the Events Planning Pit Crew and contact Tiffanny at 765-591-4191 for more information.