Drifted in Grace

“Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow.  It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow.” One of my wife’s favorite movies is White Christmas and each year we love to watch it while wrapping gifts.  If you live in the Midwest, you’ve realized that this winter has been brutally cold with lots of “Snow.”  It has been colder than usual and whiter than usual and when you live out in the country like we do, it has been “drifted” more than usual also.  Three inches of snow can easily turn into four foot high drifts.



Saturday morning I was driving into meet with some board members for this summer’s camp planning.  And as the drifts met my vehicle, I spun around and slid off the road and rested into a 4 foot drift.  I was stuck alone and isolated on the side of the road.  Twenty minutes later, the friend I called arrived with a cup of coffee and we waited together for another friend to come pull my vehicle out of the drift.   It was a powerful moment of thankfulness and a poignant reminder of why Victory Lane Camp exists.


Life comes at us fast. And if we don’t slow down, there is likely a spin off and a ditch waiting to stop us.  Many of the families we serve are spinning in “life out of control” and often end up in a 4 foot snow drift.  Every week a new drift appears and they are stuck once again. Stuck in financial pressure, sibling’s needs, daily reminders of limited progress in their child’s goals in therapy, stuck in marriage tension, waiting and more waiting, but for what.  Is there any hope?  Does anyone understand?  Jon Acuff says, “The unstuck are unstoppable.”  And at Victory Lane Camp we agree.  We exist to get the stuck families of children with special needs, unstuck.  We are here to train a community toward bringing a cup of coffee to a family while they wait for more help.  Victory Lane Camp is here to help families see God in the ‘drifted’ moments of life.  To know God’s grace is available to pull you out of a drift and to place your tires on the road again.


Tell us your story of how someone has shown you grace when you were “Drifted in.”