Dads Find Common Bonds Through Victory Lane

Victory Lane’s mission centers on families, and at the heart of many of those families are dads. Fathers often struggle finding the time and energy to build friendships with one another, but the Victory Lane community values these friendships and looks for ways to foster these relationships. One of the ways this happens is through the Men’s Refresh Weekend, made possible in part through the generous donations of Victory Lane supporters.

This year’s Men’s Recharge weekend brought the men together at Lake House in Middlebury, Indiana, to reconnect through conversations, fun activities, and devotional times. Two of the attendees this year were David Youngquist and Zach Hamilton.

David learned about Victory Lane in 2014, serving as a Partner Dad along with his wife Tiffanny and their children.

“I believe that working with Victory Lane has helped me to consider what people are going through more, especially when conflict arises,” he shared. “I also appreciate each moment and I’m more intentional about building relationships.”

David met Zach when Zach and his family attended the Victory Lane Camp session in 2015 as a Victory Family. Zach’s son Josiah has cerebral palsy and the family was still learning about his diagnosis when they attended camp.

“I learned that there are other people with similar issues that are here to help,” Zach noted.

David and Zach became good friends, bonding over their common interest in sports and coaching youth teams. They have coached numerous youth football teams together, and rarely a week goes by that the two aren’t talking about family, work, and football schemes.

They both looked forward to this year’s Men’s Recharge Weekend as soon as it was on the calendar. The weekend did not disappoint.

“The Virtual Reality experience with all the guys was absolutely the best part,” according to David.

A close second was the food. Zach recommends that Chris Hanson, another Victory Dad, is hired as the Victory Lane chef because of the great cooking he provided.

Both men are thankful for the way Victory Lane brought them together.

“I know that Victory Lane opened the door for our families to grow closer and deliberately pursue a deeper bond,” David expressed.

When you give to Victory Lane, you make friendships like this possible. As Giving Tuesday and end-of-year giving approach, consider giving to Victory Lane.