Company Connections Lead to Camp Community

Liferay folks

Imagine working for a company that pays you to volunteer. This is exactly what Liferay, Inc. does for its employees. This year, Victory Lane Camp welcomed Liferay staff members who came to serve at Pace Lap Camp: the Keller family, along with Sam Chun and Igor Arouca. Although their “day jobs” involve working for a global technology company without a direct correlation to the special needs community, at camp they served as team leaders and activity coordinators.

“My company gave us an amazing opportunity. I had no experience working with people with disabilities,” said Sam Chun. “I was hesitant at first, but everyone embraced me and I haven’t felt anything like this outside of my personal family.”

The Keller family of Illinois attended with their two young sons. At first, Erin Keller wasn’t sure about camping with two small children. It was their first time camping as a family, and they weren’t really sure what Victory Lane Camp was all about.

“We ended up having probably the most amazing time of our lives,” Roguen Keller expressed during the campfire time on the last night of camp. “It’s the kind of experience I wish I had as a child growing up, and it was wonderful to be a part of something like this for my two boys.”

Liferay is a technology company based in California with satellite offices around the world. But it’s more than a multinational company. According to the Liferay website, the company was founded for a purpose greater than revenue and profit growth. Liferay contributes quarterly earnings to worthy causes selected by their employees.

The Kellers, Igor, and Samuel were a vital part of Pace Lap Camp this year and are hoping to be able to attend some of the camp community events happening throughout the year, like the Chili Cook-Off.

“I thought I was going to come to make a huge difference, and you all make a huge difference in me,” Sam said to the VLC family. “This is more than just a camp for kids with disabilities.”

For information about how your company can partner with Victory Lane Camp for future camps, please contact [email protected].