Community Grant Leads to a Night of Friendships with Victory Lane

It’s difficult to determine who had the most fun at the Victory Lane event that happened recently: the Victory Parents who had a night out to themselves or the kids and volunteers who had a “night in” packed with fun and activities. “Parents Night Out/Kids Night In” continued the mission of creating connections between families and was made possible through a Henry County Community Foundation TASC grant and generous Victory Lane donors.

Parents Night Out/Kids Night In was designed to give Victory Parents a night for dinner, last minute Christmas shopping, or simply some alone time. While the parents were out, Victory kids enjoyed an evening of games, food, and fun with Partner families and TIMS (teens in mission). The activities led to deeper friendship-building between the Victory Kids, TIMS, and Partner families.

Victory Parents received a gift card for dinner to local restaurants as part of the event. The Landreth Family is a Victory family who participated. The family appreciated all the hard work put in by volunteers, and Ed Landreth noted, “It was nice having time without the kids.”

Dom Landreth had a great time with his friends at the event and expressed, “I liked going in the bouncy house, seeing Santa, and the snowball fight!”

Partner families were also given the opportunity to build their connections with Victory kids. Eric and Karen will be attending their first Victory Lane camp session in 2022.

“I helped with date night because I really wanted to help couples get refreshed in their relationship and have alone time while we watched their kiddos,” Eric shared. “I did not know Alex Carey, however, we hit it off really well and we had a blast together playing and just talking about his life and interests.”

When you support Victory Lane, you help build these connections that continue throughout the year and lead to lifelong friendships. To give toward these efforts, please visit the “Give Now” section at the top of this page.