Christ Presbyterian Church: Bringing Special Grace to Special Needs

Millers & Cooks

Pastor Bob Clark sees the role of the local church as serving families with the compassion of Christ. His congregation, Christ Presbyterian Church, has supported and participated in the Victory Lane Camp community from the very beginning.


Doug and Brenda Miller were involved in the initial planning of the Pace Lap Camp in 2013. They have since participated in camp as a Victory Family along with their sons, Luke and Conner. Joining as a fellow Victory Family are Cindy Cook and her son, Aaron. Cindy has served as a family crew chief and helped lead activities while Aaron has spent time making connections as a Victory Kid.


Alongside the Victory Lane Families of Christ Presbyterian, are the Backyard Mission Trip Families. Chris and Val Moore and their four children are involved by serving on the board, coordinating meals for the summer, and participating during camp. Val Moore described the camp environment as “a time to serve and not self-serve” and found it to be a great opportunity to “come alongside others.” Lori Fowler and her children have also been involved as a Backyard Missions Family as well as meal coordinators. Lori additionally took on the responsibility of helping the Moore family care for their youngest child during camp in order for the Moores to be able to focus on their role as a Backyard Missions Family and support for the Miller family.


Pastor Clark considers it a blessing to have many members participate as passionate leaders in this ministry. “The benefits are tremendous for any congregation that purposefully looks for ways to involve children who have varying challenges in their lives,” he expressed. “Although I could list a number of benefits the first ones that come to my mind are ‘patience’ and ‘humility.’  Essentially, taking the intentional step to place the needs of another above your own.”


These members of Christ Presbyterian have found Victory Lane Camp to be a community that provides a way to serve as a partner to “bring special grace to special needs” as Pastor Clark phrased it.


Continuing in acts of love and service as they grow, members of Christ Presbyterian church are able to learn together better how to relate to each individual within their church family. Relationships are enriched. Community is strengthened. And love is exemplified.