Celebrating Moms

The Victory Lane Camp community is full of families who understand the value of connection, friendship, and service. Moms are central in these family units, and it is often moms who make the initial decision to become part of Victory Lane Camp. This month, we celebrate all of the moms involved with VLC by highlighting a few of our favorite mom stories.

  1. Mom’s Leap of Faith Sparks Connections

Cindy Cook notices people staring at her son Aaron when they go out in public. At Victory Lane Camp, however, Aaron is part of the community. He has friends who include him and engage with him, and Cindy has become active in camp programming.

“It takes a big leap of faith, and it’s really hard for a parent to let their child go to a camp if they have special needs and are non-verbal,” she shared. “I didn’t want my kid going to a camp that I wasn’t involved in. Victory Lane Camp is for the whole family. It’s not just for the kids.”

Cindy’s story: https://victorylanecam.wpengine.com/mom-connects-with-community/


  1. Mom Brings Family to Volunteer

Zonda Ketcham understands the impact of volunteering with her family. She serves alongside her family each summer as they teach disability awareness. She’s seen how this service has made a difference in the lives of her children.

“Their world is much bigger than they realized and it is made up of many wonderfully different people. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses,” Zonda expressed. “Each of us is special in God’s eyes. He loves us very much, and we should love one another as He loves us.”

Zonda’s story: https://victorylanecam.wpengine.com/family-volunteering-leads-to-community-impact/


  1. Finding Hope and Chasing Smiles: One Mom’s Journey

Taby Wise wasn’t sure how her son AJ would do at his first session of Victory Lane Camp. AJ has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and had become accustomed to saying, “I can’t” when it came to many things. When Taby brought AJ to camp, she saw that change. He quickly gained a new understanding of what he was capable of doing.

Taby also worked with Victory Lane Camp donors and other generous givers to secure a mobility vehicle so that her son would not be homebound. “When I asked AJ what he thought about getting this new van, he said ‘Mommy, I’m so glad that it won’t hurt you getting me in and out of the van anymore,’” Taby Wise shared. “I am so very grateful to everyone that has been involved with making this happen.”

Taby’s story: https://victorylanecam.wpengine.com/chasing-smiles/


  1. Busy Moms Find Friendship Through VLC

Sarah Urwin and Dara Upchurch are both moms with busy lives and a deep love for their families. It this love drew them both to the Victory Lane Camp community and led to a meaningful friendship.

“When our busy schedules allow, Dara and I have been able to go out together as friends just to relax, encourage, and edify,” Sarah shared. “I am very thankful for her friendship.”

This friendship has been a blessing to Dara as well. “Being the parent of a special needs child doesn’t have to be a scary, lonely world,” she said. “There are people out there going through this, or ones who truly want to help.”

Sarah and Dara’s story: https://victorylanecam.wpengine.com/building-friendships/

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