Building Relationships After Camp

bryce & josiah

When people think of Victory Lane, it’s often in terms of a camp setting. However, the relationships formed last well beyond the week of camp. As plans continue for the Chili Cook-off on September 26, enjoy these smile-worthy scenes:

During a bedtime conversation at the Fischer home, Bryce asked his dad if there would be a Victory Lane Camp if there weren’t any children who had special needs. When his dad said there would not be, Bryce bowed his head and expressed in prayer, “Dear Jesus, thank you for children that have special needs.” (Bryce is pictured left with his friend Josiah.)


Victory Mom Cheri Lorton has kept friendships with several other families from this year’s Pace Lap Camp. “I love seeing them throughout the community when we are out and about and at community events.” (Cheri’s son Johnny is pictured to the right.)

Mike & Fin

Camp is a year-round mentality for the Brown family. Ashley serves as VLC’s official photographer. Mike led music around the campfire this year at Pace Lap Camp, writing a song for each Victory kid. Their children were part of the Backyard Mission Trip training. The Browns have continued relationships with several Victory families, with their children often leading the way in making these connections. (Mike Brown and Finn pare pictured to the left.)

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