Sharing Blessings With The Next Generation

Jennie Brewster loves her grandchildren, the outdoors, and Victory Lane Camp. This summer, she combined all three loves while serving as a Backyard Missionary alongside her granddaughters Kaitlyn and Addy.


While being neighbors and friends with Brett and Paige Fischer, Jennie has been a part of the VLC picture from the beginning. After hearing Brett’s heart and vision through several discussions and meetings, Jennie was on board immediately.


Jennie serves as the Victory Lane Camp treasurer, helping with budgets, bill-paying, and fundraising. While she does appreciate the opportunity to help in this area, the highlight of her VLC experience came at this summer’s camp hosted at Cornerstone Campground. Her granddaughters encouraged and inspired her to take on this challenge.


“They actually were the reason that I ended up pushing to volunteer. Both of them wanted to help. They had been following VLC and the social media and wanted to participate,” Jennie explained.


The two girls fit right in with what was happening at camp, and helped in a variety of ways. Kaitlyn especially enjoyed the carnival and interacting with other teens while Addy valued the time spent working with kids and playing games. Jennie appreciated seeing the inner workings of camp.


“I like the socializing and picking each other’s brains. Everyone has such great ideas on how to make all of this happen,” she described. “Brett has a good group of people that he’s assembled to make this function.”


Jennie also found camp to be a great learning experience. She encourages others to take part in what happens at camp.


“I’ve talked to several people about it. Time seems to be a factor for most people. They feel like they never have enough time to do volunteer work,” Jennie shared. “You will reap a lot of benefits from it. Each person takes away something very beneficial when they will volunteer and donate their time and money. We are blessed from doing both.”