Bouncing Into a New Year With Victory Lane Connections

Victory Lane is much more than just a summer camp that is held each year. Throughout the year, Victory Lane also hosts several events for families to attend and stay connected. These activities give the kids a chance to see their friends and provide parents with an opportunity to bond with other adults. These events are made possible by the generous donors who invest in Victory Lane.

The latest Victory Lane event was Bounce into the New Year. This event is held annually New Year’s Eve and is completely free to those who attend.

“Events such as Bounce into the New Year help families stay connected or give them the opportunity to reconnect with one another,” explained Natasha Hamilton, Victory Lane Fundraising Assistant.

Victory Lane gives children from Partner Families the opportunity to understand others with special needs.

“As a mom to a child with special needs, it makes me proud to see the kids accept Josiah for the way he is,” Natasha added. “My other kids see friends they have made at camp or other events and reconnect with them.”

Activities like this help Victory Lane build and reignite community, which is important when families are feeling more isolated than ever. When donors support Victory Lane, they play a key role in removing isolation and loneliness. These donations assist with facilitating the connections happening through Victory Lane. Not only are donations helping with camp, but they are also allowing families to find a supportive community year-round.

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