Board Member Uses Connections To Share About VLC

Clay Morgan pic

When Clay Morgan first felt drawn to Victory Lane Camp, he wasn’t quite sure what he was getting into or what he would have to offer. He just knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“It was something bigger than I was. I knew I could be a piece of the puzzle,” shared Clay.

What began as attending a couple of meetings turned into becoming the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for VLC. Clay has been involved with VLC for the past two years. He also serves on the Henry County Council.

Clay and his wife, Beth, are raising their five sons to value individuals with disabilities. Through attending Wilbur Wright elementary school in New Castle, some of their children have made quality connections with students in the special needs class. They continue to reach out and be supportive friends. Joining in the VLC community was “another step in the process of doing something bigger” for the Morgan family, as Clay expressed.

In addition to serving on the Board, Clay is also an active advocate for VLC on social media. With the help of his campaign and position as a councilman, he is able to use social media to connect with a larger community.

“The first thing is to build a trust relationship,” he explained. “I started sharing different things. Then, after a base was built, I started asking people to like the VLC Facebook page. Immediately, I had tons of friends start to like the page. Social media is a good way to get the word out!”

Through his involvement with VLC, Clay has appreciated spending time with quality leadership. He finds being with out-of-the-box thinkers and people who are willing to be challenged has opened his mind to possibilities. As he shared, “It’s boosted my faith– God can do big things in spite of ourselves. All we have to do is take it one step at a time and allow Him to do it.”

At a recent conference for his county council position, Clay met a young man from Morgan County. After connecting with this man, Clay handed him a VLC brochure. The young man responded immediately and explained his involvement in a local baseball league for people with special needs. He shared that his community was looking for more ways to connect with families impacted by disabilities. Morgan County is home to Bradford Woods, where VLC is hosting a family camp this summer during June 10-13. Clay expressed, “That network had already started. A God thing. Now, we have that connection. He’s helping spread the word there.”

With a heart for God and the bigger picture, Clay Morgan sees endless possibilities and hopes for expansion and opportunity. “Looks like God is allowing me to be a part of that expansion through networking. Through people that have a heart for this. The thread that is tying it all together is God.”