‘We just pray:’ Group Provides Prayer Support for Victory Lane Camp

Victory Lane Camp receives support in several ways. Volunteering time, resources, and goods are some obvious avenues of support. Another form of support is found in prayer.


Joanne Passanisi has been a part of the VLC community through prayer since it’s early brainstorming days. Joanne felt the call to bring neighborhood women together through prayer, Bible study and doing life together. “Our neighborhood Bible study consists of a small but mighty group of women, all of us coming from very different backgrounds and life experiences. We are a motley crew and it’s unlikely our paths would have crossed outside of this study. Various life events drew us together,” she described.


One of those women drawn into the Bible Study was Noell Mosca, the mother of Paige Fischer. When Brett and Paige began the dreaming process of VLC, Noell told the group about it. They began to pray.


“While VLC was still an idea we began praying that the Lord would open doors, making connections that would ultimately guide and direct the path and vision for VLC.” Joanne continued, “We prayed that God would bring families to the camps, that He would bring volunteers to work the camps, for facilities to host the camps and for wisdom to deal with the many challenges associated with a ministry like VLC.”


The Bloomington, IN, Bible study has seen VLC begin and continue to grow over the years. They have witnessed many answers to their weekly prayers. Joanne recalls specifically, “We prayed for the provision of facilities to hold the camps, and He provided trailers at a campsite and then Bradford Woods who were totally onboard with the philosophy behind VLC which ministers to the whole family.”


The group has prayed for health needs within the Victory Lane Camp community, sending cards and helping in other ways. This year, the group diligently prayed for Victory families to sign up. God answered this prayer, and now both summer sessions are full.


The Bible study plans to keep VLC on their permanent prayer list. Joan expressed, “We are always praying for guidance and direction and for the VLC families as well a as the families who volunteer and work the camp. We pray for lives to be touched, transformed, and changed by the love of Christ displayed through the camp staff. That the VLC families would also feel encouraged and supported and no longer alone. We pray for energy and health of the staff and volunteers. And we just pray.”


Are you part of a group who would like to partner with VLC in prayer? Contact Tiffanny at 765-591-4191 or send an e-mail to [email protected].