Awkward Steps

Exploring this new concept of blogging for me will be a difficult, but hopefully rewarding one. Not because I don’t like to journal, but because I have conditioned myself over the years to be private. However, focusing within myself in this way, has limited people from really knowing who I am. So for me vulnerability is step of faith, a risk and a challenge.  To allow the internet world to see the unfolding of God’s grace in my life is a little intimidating. For 16 years as a pediatric physical therapist it has become natural to help a child learn to take their first steps or to balance on hands and knees without falling. But to share in a “public way” my struggles, my fears, my doubts, my life at the risk of looking awkward like an unsteady child walking on a new unstable surface. In my line of work, falls happen along with scraped knees and bruised foreheads. And yet, step-by-step children learn to explore a new world. Anticipating many of figurative blogging scraped knees and bruises, here’s to my first step into the blogging world.