Fitness Friends Join Forces to Support Victory Lane

For some, it’s difficult to learn the adjustments needed with having a disabled child or family member. The members of Anytime Fitness are accustomed to meeting physical challenges. When General Manager John Dugan presented them with a fundraising goal to benefit Victory Lane, they rose to the challenge.

Anytime Fitness of New Castle is one of Victory Lane’s business supporters. John Dugan led the charge to support Victory Lane after seeing the way Victory Lane cares for people in the community. Dugan led a Train Your Trainer event along with giving Victory Lane a $10 donation for each person that joins with a membership or personal trainer. Members of Anytime Fitness are also given the opportunity to donate at their own will.

“Our members really enjoy the train your trainer event because it’s their time to get back at us for the workouts we put them through” John explained. “We auction off times for members to put our trainers though a 10-minute workout.”

The efforts of the Anytime Fitness members in New Castle helped to support Victory Lane’s mission to connect children with disabilities with life-long friends. By working together to raise funds, this fitness center is making an impact on children who feel alone and isolated.

“Victory Lane is truly a great community,” added John. “It’s awesome to see the joy that is brought to those involved with Victory Lane.”

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